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79 Accord Prelude Remanufactured 3BBL Carburetor


We purchased a huge inventory of obsolete remanufactured carburetors. This is for one Honda carburetor that is the correct carburetor for 1979 Honda Prelude Accord with 1800 cc engine ECH and factory air . These were completely remanufactured and stored in a dry climate controlled warehouse since the early 1990’s so they are in great condition. These carbs are ready to install but must be installed by a trained carburetor Technician due to the fact that the final air mixture and other adjustments will need to be made. These remanufactured carburetors are sold as is with no warranty! Due to the fact that many older cars that have been sitting have bad fuel in the tank which will damage the new carburetor please make sure you have your mechanic check your fuel system before installing this carburetor. If you have any questions about this or any of our listings please call or email us 903-546-0024. Thanks AAAA Automotive

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