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New 73 74 75 76 Vega Monza Sunbird Webber DGV Idle Stop Solenoid


This is one New genuine Gm idle stop solenoid part number 335146 . This is correct for 73 74 75 76 Chevrolet Vega 75 76 Chevy Monza 76 77 Oldsmobile Starfire 76 Pontiac Sunbird all with 2.3L 4cyl engine These are also correct for Webber DGV 2bbl carburetor. We just made a huge find of NOS idle stop solenoids and choke thermostats unboxed in a closed warehouse. Please feel free to email or call us at 903-546-0024 with any questions about this part or any of our parts. Thanks AAAA Automotive

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