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New 94 95 96 Bronco F150 front 4X4 rotor and hub assembly F4TZ-1102-AA


New genuine factory Ford front brake rotor for 94 95 96 Bronco and F150 with 4X4 includes front wheel speed sensor exciter ring. This is Ford part number F4TZ-1102-AA which replaced Ford part number F4TZ-1102-A . This rotor and hub assembly of ours was later replaced by Ford part number YL3Z-1V102-HA and Motorcraft number BRR-56 which is a rotor only! Due to the many choices of rotors for front axles on 4X4 trucks it is the buyers responsibility to make sure they are ordering the correct part. If the buyer will call with ALL of the information on the ID tag on the front axle we can help them look up the correct part. There are no returns on this part for any reason! Please feel free to email or call us at 903-546-0024 with any questions about this part or any of our parts. Thanks AAAA Automotive

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Weight 30 lbs