Varajet 2SE vs. E2SE: What's the difference and which one do I need?

2SE vs. E2SE Varajet Varajet 2SE Varajet E2SE

A Brief History Lesson

Back in the good old days before computerized fuel injection, cars had carburetors to mix the right amount of fuel with air coming into the engine.  General Motors manufactured a wide assortment of carburetors for both their own products and those of other brands (notably AMC, Chrysler Corp and Jeep).  One of these carburetors was the Varajet II.  The Varajet II was a 2 barrel carburetor optimized for 4 and 6 cylinder engines, and was installed in cars and trucks from 1979 through 1986.  The Varajet II featured a progressive linkage, where increasing throttle position opened the 2nd barrel, increasing airflow to the engine.

Varajet 2SE and Varajet E2SE

The carburetors we stock include both the 2SE and E2SE models.  So what's the difference? 

Varajet 2SE     

Varajet 2SE

The 2SE is a fairly simple carburetor, with no electronics other than an electric choke.  It was featured in US production cars primarily in the 1979-1980 model years.  Canadian and overseas production applications continued to use the 2SE through 1987.  It remains a popular conversion item for those wishing to remove the computer managed feedback mixture control in the E2SE.

Varajet E2SE

Varajet E2SE

The E2SE featured a computer controlled air/fuel mixture capability.  It features a mixture control solenoid that is triggered by the engine management computer.   This setup was required in order to adjust the air/fuel mixture at different throttle settings with a view to reducing emissions, notably in US cars destined for the California market. 

Which one do I have?

Identification of a Varajet 2SE vs. an E2SE is easy.  Remove the air cleaner and look down at the top of the carburetor.   An E2SE has a connector on the top for the mixture solenoid; the 2SE does not.  Check out the pictures below for a visual reference.

Varajet 2SE vs. E2SE Identification

Which one do I need?

If you are replacing an existing Varajet 2SE

If you already have a Varajet 2SE, then go with a 2SE.  An E2SE will not work in your vehicle since it won't have the necessary wiring, sensors and computer to work properly.

If you are replacing an existing Varajet E2SE

If you presently have an E2SE, and if you plan on driving on public roads, you should get an E2SE in order to remain compliant with emissions regulations.  If you have an off-road application (thus may be considering deleting the emissions in your vehicle) then a 2SE will bolt right up and work, with a couple of caveats:

  • Since the feedback loop will be broken, the check engine light (MIL) will come on
  • You will not be compliant with Federal emissions regulations pertaining to vehicles operated on the public roads, and should only operate the vehicle off-road.
  • If you are in any doubt, go with an E2SE

Like to see which ones we have in stock?  Use these links:

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  • Bill Duckworth en

    I am restoring a 79 Chevy C10 Bonanza with the 250 I6 engine and the Rochester Varajet 2. Trying to order a carburetor rebuild kit and can only find kits for the Varajet 2SE. Is the kit the same for both?

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