Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What exactly are NOS parts?

A: NOS stands for "New Old Stock", and refers to auto parts that are brand new, never installed on a vehicle, but were manufactured long ago.   

Q: What is the difference between New, NOS, Rebuilt, Reconditioned, Remanufactured and Used parts?

A: Check out the table below for how we use these terms.

 Term Meaning

Brand new parts, usually in the original packaging (if available).  These parts have never been installed on a vehicle


Also New, but specific to parts that were manufactured long in the past.  Example- our Varajet II carburetors were manufactured in the 1980's, yet have never been installed on a vehicle and are brand new (even if a bit dusty). 

Rebuilt / Reconditioned

A part that has been disassembled, cleaned, repaired (if necessary) and reassembled, normally using new components.  


A part that has been rebuilt by an authorized remanufacturer and certified to function identically to a brand new part.  Part tolerances are the same as a manufacturer's brand new part. When you have your vehicle serviced at a dealership they will often use factory authorized remanufactured parts.


These parts were removed from a vehicle and are offered for sale.  They are sold "As Is".  You should expect some work on your part may be necessary in order for them to perform as a suitable replacement for a part on your vehicle.