How to identify a Varajet II carburetor

How to identify a Varajet II carburetor

The Varajet II carburetor was designed and built by GM's Rochester Products Division and was used on 4 and 6 cylinder engines from 1979 - 1986.  It was used across GM's product lines in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia, and was also provided as an OEM component to American Motors and Jeep. 

 The Varajet II had numerous configurations, and although appearing very similar many different configurations were not interchangeable.  For instance, we sell Varajet II 2SE and E2SE models that are correct for GM, AMC and Jeep cars equipped with the 2.5L "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder engine (check here for our article on how to tell a 2SE from and E2SE). Our carburetors will not work on (for instance) a 4.1L I-6 GM engine; although the 4.1 used a Varajet II, it has a slightly different design (principally, orientation of fuel inlet).  As a result, a Varajet II designed for the 2.5L 4 cylinder will not physically fit on a 4.1 application. 

Varajet II part numbers

By the time the Varajet II came into production GM had standardized on stamping the part number on the body of the carburetor, replacing the tags that used to be attached via the top deck screws.  There is a vast array of Varajet II part numbers, many of which are 100% interchangeable and, in truth, identical. 

If you are looking to replace a Varajet II carburetor, your first step should be finding the part number.  It is an 8 digit number stamped on the side of the main body of the carburetor, as shown in this illustration:

Note, there may be a 4 digit number stamped below the part number; this does not relate to carburetor identification but is a manufacturing code.

Once you have the part number, you will need to find a Varajet II carburetor with either the same part number or a part number that interchanges with your part number.  The easiest way to do that is to enter your part number in the search box on our website.  This will return the Varajet II carburetors we stock that will interchange with your carburetor, like this search for carburetors that will interchange with 17065679:



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